April 23, 2023

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Floor Mats


Commercial floor mats provide many advantages for businesses. This includes providing safety, cleanliness and aesthetic appeal – three major considerations when choosing commercial mats for any facility.

Every time someone steps onto a mat in your business, it traps dirt and other substances before they spread throughout your facility, helping prevent stains, scratches, or any other forms of floor damage.
Slip and Fall Prevention

Use of commercial floor mats can significantly lower the risk of slip and fall accidents. They offer protection from multiple factors which cause such incidents, such as dirt, excess moisture and grease or oily substances which could otherwise cause slippery floors and trip hazards.

Slip resistance should be your top priority when shopping for mats. This can be measured using coefficient of friction (COF), or how much force needs to be applied before an object slips off its surface.

A mat should also be flat and smooth for easy footing. Ideally, they should be securely fastened to the floor to provide secure footing.

Thick rubber backing on mats prevents them from moving around on the floor, while high traction mats with beveled edges help prevent people from tripping and should have an slope of less than 1:2.

Floor mats not only keep floors looking neat and tidy, but they can also prevent the build-up of dirt, debris, and water on them. Floor mats are an effective way of maintaining commercial flooring that looks their best while increasing safety for visitors and employees.

At home, mats should be regularly vacuumed or hosed down to remove dust, debris, and dirt. Depending on their material composition, hand washing and drying may also be required after each cleaning session.

Industrial-grade rubber and vinyl mats can be easily maintained by using high pressure water hosing to rinse them down with. Since these types of mats require additional drying time, be sure to hose them down at least once weekly.

If Ultimate Mats occurs on your commercial mats, soap and water or neutral cleaner can help remove it by simply scrubbing. Just be sure to rinse and spread flat afterward!

Commercial floor mats are an effective way of safeguarding floors from wear-and-tear damage caused by normal usage. They can protect them from becoming scratched or chipped, as well as prolong the lifespan of your flooring material.

Protecting the floors against water, snow and other weather elements is equally as essential to their purpose as keeping people safe on slippery floors. They may even help prevent slip and fall accidents by keeping people away from risk.

Commercial floor mats can save money in the long run by helping keep your floors in top condition without needing replacement every few years. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on special coatings to preserve them, mats provide an economical and effective alternative.

Commercial floor mats come in an assortment of designs and adhesive types to meet the specific needs of your business. Some are constructed out of rubber while others might feature vinyl or other materials.

No matter the industry or business type, floor mat safety regulations are an absolute necessity in order to safeguard both customers and employees alike from lawsuits, personal injuries or workman’s compensation claims.

Slip and falls can be devastatingly costly to any business. Not only can they cost sales revenue and cause injuries among staff members, but can even leave your staff physically disabled and potentially even dead.

Effective floor mats can help prevent accidents in any space or weather condition – you are sure to find one suitable.

Commercial floor mats are specifically designed to capture dirt and moisture that comes in from outside – helping keep your floors clean while also helping reduce wear-and-tear in high traffic areas allowing them to last longer.